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Juturna is committed to providing outstanding water filtration systems and service. Their mission is to become your trusted source for water filter systems and to earn their customers’ loyalty by providing superior water filter products, knowledge and excellent service.

Bart VanStekelenburg owns Juturna, a WaterCare dealership in Greensboro, Georgia. However, the Southeastern United States is not where he got his start in water treatment. That opportunity presented itself nearly a decade ago, and thousands of miles away, in Central America.

After his finance job in Costa Rica slowed down, Bart found himself with extra time on his hands. That’s when he started an import business, selling electronics to the Costa Rican hospitality industry. It wasn’t long before water treatment and filtration grew to become the most lucrative part of the operation. Bart spun it off into its own business, starting Juturna in the Costa Rican capital city of San Jose. The name Juturna is inspired by the goddess of fountains, wells, and springs from Roman mythology.

Juturna made its mark by leasing bottle-free water coolers with ultrafiltration systems to local businesses such as banks, pharmacies, and call centers. The company also provides and installs water softeners, filtration solutions, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for both commercial and residential applications.

Today, Juturna is the largest water filtration company in Costa Rica, which Bart says makes it the largest such business in all of Central America. Much of that growth originally came from improving water quality for people from other countries. However, that has changed over the years. Bart estimates that 60 to 65 percent of Juturna’s current business is for the people of Cost Rica.

The Greene County Chamber of Commerce recently honored the dealership with the title of Small Business of the Year. There are also plans in the works to expand the U.S. operation to nearby Athens, which is home to the University of Georgia.

Opportunity knocked. Bart VanStekelenburg answered. Today, Costa Rica is a better place thanks to his business, and the water filtration industry in the U.S. is next on his radar.

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