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Kathy Daniel is a real estate agent who was born in Madison, Georgia, grew up in Eatonton, and now lives in Greensboro and works at the Algin Realty offices in Eatonton. Being born and raised in Georgia’s Lake Country, she had the privilege of witnessing Lake Oconee grow from a quiet lake with less than ten homes and only one Marina, to a large, exciting community with a national reputation for great fishing, golfing, and quality of life.

Working at Algin Realty provides Kathy with the special advantage of being able to take clients to view Lake Oconee properties in Greensboro, Madison, and Eatonton on board the Algin Realty boat, as well as properties around Lake Sinclair.

 During the more than twenty-five years she has had her real estate license, Kathy has also worked in the construction industry with her husband, which helped her come to an understanding of the building process. She uses this understanding to assist clients who choose to purchase property and then build their homes. Kathy also helps her clients organize and implement the process of moving, renovating, and decorating their new homes, staging homes that are up for sale, and finding temporary rentals when necessary.

Her varied experiences in both life and work have taught Kathy the value of living according to the wise maxim, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” It has helped her professionally, and in the teaching and raising of her four sons. She has seen the proof that you never know what tomorrow will bring, so you’d better take care of business as soon as you can in case tomorrow shows up with an unexpected obstacle.

Her mission in life is to help her clients satisfactorily sell their property, or to find their dream home or home site. She approaches each new client like a best friend or a family member, providing them with the best of her attention and expertise. She finds a lot of joy in helping these new friends make their dream lives into a reality.

When asked what words of wisdom she would offer to young professionals who wish to emulate her success in business, she said, “Everyone should find something they love to do, or learn to love what they do, but most importantly, they should remember Philippians 4:13, ‘You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.’”

The best words of wisdom that were offered to her were that learning to always act with integrity, honesty and compassion are essential to succeeding honorably in business, but learning to trust in God is a lesson that outweighs all the rest.

To learn more about Kathy Daniel, Algin Realty, visit her website at RealEstateLakeOconee.com

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