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Do you have a rental property in the Lake Oconee area? Are you sick of dealing with the stress of managing it yourself? Well, Barbara J. Smith of Lake Oconee Management Group is here to take that stress right off your shoulders. 


Barbara J. Smith, originally from California, moved to Lake Oconee in 2007 to retire, but quickly realized the area’s need for a knowledgeable property manager. Soon after, in 2013, she founded Oconee Management Group. Being that she holds 38 years of experience in property management and real estate, you know she is good at what she is doing at Oconee Management Group.  In addition to this, she has tried to further enhance her skills and knowledge in property management and real estate by taking a variety of classes. Some include: real estate, accounting, and property management and operations. Smith has also acquired a few certifications over the years to boost her qualifications even further. She is certified as a Master Property Manager (through the National Association of Residential Property Managers), a Senior Real Estate Specialist, a graduate of the Realtor Institute, and is certified through the California Association of Realtors in property management. To this day, she is still constantly trying to further her abilities and knowledge by staying up to date of local news and policies by renewing these certifications. If you are looking for a qualified real estate manager, clearly Barbara J. Smith is exactly who you are looking for.


Oconee Management Group specializes in the management of single family and multi-residential rentals. They offer a wide variety of services and assistance to their clients that will take away the stress-caused headaches of managing their rental properties on their own. A few include: pest control, landscaping, supervision of repairs, rent collection, lease renewals, managing tenant problems and complaints, budgeting, and accounting. Barbara is proud to express her commitment to ensuring that Oconee Management Group provides exceptional real estate advertising and meticulous tenant screening. To ensure easy access for tenants and owners, OMG offers them online portals to all services. This allows for an easy and smooth application/transaction/etc. process. In addition to saving her clients’ time, she thrives to save them on their rental income and expenses.


For more information about how Oconee Management Group can take that weight of managing your property off your shoulders ASAP, contact Barbara J. Smith directly by calling

831-809-8172 or by visiting their website at www.oconeemanagementgroup.com

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