Oconee Springs Park

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This is a commercial campground, built by Putnam County and the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.

The park site is carved out of the beautiful wooded area in Putnam county bordering on Lake Sinclair. The twelve acre park is 15 miles from Eatonton, the county seat, and 30 miles from Milledgeville in nearby Baldwin County. Lake Sinclair, encompassing over 15,000 acres, provides ample space for boating, fishing, and other water sports. Campsites are available, as well as cabin rentals and a beautiful beach area. A playground, volleyball area, paddle boats, kayaks and paddleboards add to the enjoyment of the park.

They offer pavilion rental, cabin rentals, as well as camper spots. Plan your next camping trip at this wonderful Lake Oconee site!


Oconee Springs Park

109 S Spring Rd

Eatonton, Georgia

(706) 485-8423

Operating Hours

Wednesday - Friday 9-4p

Saturday: 9-5p

Sunday: 9-1p