Get Spotted!


Get Spotted is not social on facebook for round 6!

Win Weekly Prizes from your favorite local businesses…

Step 1:

Get out and get your FREE Lake Oconee Life magnet from our participating businesses listed below during their normal business hours.

Step 2:

Display your Lake Oconee Life magnet or sticker on your car, truck, or golf cart. Take a photo and upload above. You will be in the running to win one of our weekly prizes. Enter weekly!!!

Step 3:

Check to see if you are a winner! You get to choose your prize this year from the available list of prizes.

Because everyone wants to celebrate your success in winning, we will post on the Lake Oconee Life Facebook Page and Instagram , announce in our weekly Newsletter and we will also notify you by email too.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your car magnet or sticker today, and GET SPOTTED!

TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: You will be notified by email if your photo was randomly chosen. You have 7 days to claim your prize. You may CHOOSE your prize from the list of prizes available.

Pick Your Prize

Maggie Lane | Get Spotted | Lake Oconee Life

Win $25 Gift Card

Claimed: Charis Burhenn (Round 6)


Win $50 Gift Card

Claimed: Beth Clifton (Round 1 Winner)

The French Hare | Get Spotted |

Win $50 Gift Card

Claimed: Darrell Smith (Round 5 Winner)

Gil's Logo oval.png

Win $25 Gift Card

Claimed: Mason Honea (Round 8)


Win $25 Gift Card

Claimed: Daphne McDaniel (Round 7)

LaLare Cafe | Get Spotted

Win $25 Gift Card

Claimed: Alyssa Summer ( Round 3 Winner)


Win $50 Gift Card

Claimed: Haley Lance (Round 4 Winner)

44 Marketplace mark up.png

Win $25 Gift Card

Claimed: Molly Burke (Round 2 Winner)